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12.12.12 The last.
Wednesday, 12 December 201200:10

Assalamualaikum wbt Bonjour!

C'mon peoples let us say HELLO to 12.12.12! such a beautiful sequence number and it is the last beauty number in this year. No more 13.13.13 or maybe 14.14.14 after this ;) Maybe today is the day most meaningful to you? But not for me. Maybe :/
Pagi-pagi lagi mama dah potpetpotpet. natang apa yang dia nak pun entah -.- And the day, ila are back to PENANG! most shittttttttttttttttttt................................stfu.
ALONE ah cemni. nevermind. I just can't wait this 20 ! holiday summer!!!!!! eh orang dah get ready nak school aku baru gegeh nak holiday. wkwkwkwk am I careee XD alright. thats enough. petang2 cemni makan cekodok pisang pun layan ^^ later update, wait fer yahh! ;D BYE! 
Xoxo, N  Publish! xxx‏